December/January 2020

Your community, Your business

“The brands that will be big in the future will be those that tap into the social changes that are taking place.” Sir Michael Perry, Chairman of Centrica PLC

Businesses know they must respond to today’s social issues to thrive. But what are these issues, and how should you align your business to them? There’s no easy answer to this. But one of the biggest ways a business can make a difference today is by working with disabled people. 20% of people experience disability in their lifetime.1 That’s 20% of your employees and customers. 83% of disabled people acquire their disability during their working life.2

So how can your business support them?
At Leonard Cheshire we help people to live, learn and work in the way they choose: whether they have a visible or an invisible disability, whether it’s acquired or life-long. We’re out in the community, changing lives where we’re needed most. We know that giving disabled people the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and live independently changes everything. And for businesses, it means harnessing disabled peoples, enhancing employee engagement, and attracting more customers. We’re seeking pioneering businesses who read this who want to partner with a forward-thinking charity to create mutual benefit. To build plans to engage employees, develop their skillsets, undertake volunteering with us, and learn how to better support disabled colleagues and customers. We can help you demonstrate your CSR impact for tenders and give guidance to those working toward the disability kitemark.

Making a real difference in the community
We’ve had great mutual outcomes with corporate partners. Organisations have brought together disabled and non-disabled people in a Gareth Malone-style community choir (University of Manchester and Corkills Motor Group), taught young disabled people new skills with our Can Do programme (John Lewis) and offering valuable research support to our charity (Straightahead).

It also makes a massive difference to the businesses taking part.
Jenny Bell, Head of Operations at Corkills Motor Group, said that supporting our choir meant seeing a project that “united those with and without disabilities in music, friendship and joy.” This is just a snapshot of what we can achieve when we work together. Could your business be the next success story?

For more information about how you can become a Leonard Cheshire partner, please contact Jen at or 07793 803068


  1. Family Resources Survey: financial year 2017/18