October/November 2021

WardWiz: safeguarding on the go!

Photo of WardWiz for android mobiles

An obvious area of Cyber Security is virus and malware protection, but many smartphone users tend to overlook this area of safeguarding. WardWiz is a security App developed for PCs, tablets and smartphones, offering far more than simple protection against viruses. Business Connect met with Gary Conner, UK distributor of WardWiz, to talk about the many unique features of the App:

Gary – tell us how you came across WardWiz?
“I’ve been in IT distribution for over 30 years now, and I’ve seen a lot of changes in tech over the years that has changed the way business is conducted. Unfortunately, aligned with the technical growth of mobiles and the many positive features now available on them, there are an equal set of negative and disruptive issues to deal with. Our mobiles contain our digital lives, we use them for photos, Apps, games, email, browsing, shopping and even banking, yet we have the least security on these devices. Cybercrime has increased by 400% since March 2019 and those figures are only set to increase further.

Photo of Gary Conner, WardWiz
Gary Conner, WardWiz

“When I came across WardWiz I was blown away with how many features the App contained that covered different aspects of mobile device safeguarding that many people wouldn’t even consider. Personally this has been a great opportunity to promote an App that in my experience has all the bells and whistles a modern, fully featured and powerful digital tool should have when dealing with an increasingly hostile digital world. The software was developed in Germany in 2014 as an answer to a suite of security needs for modern mobile device owners. It was designed to fully protect a system at an affordable price for end users. The App has been developed since then, adapting to current needs and threats, and has been introduced firstly to the South Asian marketplace, where the brand has already climbed into the top three of the most sold and most popular security softwares within a very short time.

“Looking at the successful uptake in what is a very tech-saturated part of the world, made me realise this was a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a product that quite simply helps us to be safe in a digital environment. We are now the UK’s sole licensee, and aiming to build the brand offering reseller opportunities as the message spreads.”

What is WardWiz, and what are its main features?
“WardWiz is a German cyber security company with OPSWAT Platinum rated products. We are currently concentrating on the android mobile phone market with our Android Essentials plus service for Mobile. The main feature of the App is to offer protection from viruses and malware, but it also has a range of anti-theft features. This is something that all users should have, and certainly those with small businesses who have any staff that use their phones for work email definitely need. The anti-theft feature offers the ability to remotely wipe all files on lost or stolen devices. This is especially important for many business owners who value their company data.

“Another feature is the anti-theft snapshot function. If the code that unlocks the device is entered incorrectly, a loud alarm sounds and the camera directly takes a picture (selfie) of the alleged thief. The rightful owner receives a notification via e-mail, which contains both the image and the location of the device. With each mobile version of WardWiz the users get their personal access to ‘My WardWiz Space’, a ‘Remote Control’ board for their mobile phone. Via remote access, the users can delete data from the device, take a picture, send a message to the phone, locate the device or access and save their contacts.”

Photo of WardWiz for PCsWho would benefit most from using WardWiz?
“Many SMEs feel that they are too small to be attacked, but unfortunately that is simply NOT the case. There were over a half million reported cyber frauds last year and this crime is costing UK businesses over £4million per day. You can now even purchase ransomware with support on the dark web. The service protects all businesses where owners and employees value the data on their smartphones. It retails at just £2 per month, and we are even offering a 50% discount on the first year’s subscription using voucher code WW50.”

What about iPhones?
“Apple have very different security measures already in place but we offer an option called ‘iOS Essentials’ that include anti-theft features and a fantastic Parental Control feature that is also available on the Android versions.”

How important is it to safeguard your child’s mobile phone?
“After speaking with many child support groups including the NSPCC, the overwhelming response was that many parents needed educating in the potential dangers lurking online for children. We are very proud to announce that we have published our first Ebook Protecting Children of the Digital Age, that sits in tandem with our child safeguarding features found in all our packages. The book offers 140 pages of advice and tips to parents to keep their children safe online and is available on our website now.”

Find out more – contact Gary Conner on 07557 856 361 or email gary@wardwiz.com