October/November/December 2020

There’s never been a more important time to employ an apprentice… and let the Government help you

Youth unemployment levels have rocketed in recent months as the lockdown period has really had a negative impact on entry level jobs, with an additional 154,000 young people out of work. This huge growth in unemployment risks impacting the future of this current generation for many years to come.

Over recent months, we have held a communication campaign urging employers to maintain their investment in apprentices, detailing the great attributes that new, young talent can have in supporting business through these turbulent times ahead. Millennials are the first generation to have completely grown up in the digital era and have skills and expertise in this area that many of us can only dream of. The Government have backed this up by offering significant grants to employers who recruit new apprentices into their business, which, attached to already existing support, can provide employers with up to £3,000 per apprentice to help with costs. The new incentive scheme runs until the end of January and is beginning to have an impact.

Louise Jones, Employer Services Leader at Apprenticeships at Salford City College, commented, “The incentives are really starting to have an impact, with employers recognising that the financial support will help them bring fresh new talent into their business at a time when they need it the most. Most businesses have rapidly expanded their digital operations and processes, and this really suits the apprentices we are providing them with”.

Head of Apprenticeship Delivery, Karen Kenny, has also worked hard with the apprenticeship delivery team to ensure a new apprenticeship programme is being quickly introduced. The Digital Support Technician programme is proving to be popular with employers, developing the skills within their business. Karen commented, “The new digital apprenticeship standard will enable employers to help develop digital skills across their business, so they have the capacity to train and support other staff.”

Salford City College

Prior to lockdown, the apprenticeship sector was on a very positive trajectory, following a period of major reform and improvement. The Government is determined that this continues, and the incentives are vital in ensuring this happens. Apprentices need employment, and employment can only come from committed employers who see the potential in developing brilliant, young talent in their business.

We may not all agree with all political decisions that are made, but this decision to back our young people is one we must all buy into. The talent and passion available is amazing, so now is the best time to let them have a positive impact on your business. For more information on how you can recruit an apprentice for your business with us, contact us on 0161 631 5555 or email apprenticeships@salfordcc.ac.uk