Do you finish work feeling well?

How many of us arrive home after a busy, exhausting day feeling fit for nothing, perhaps short-tempered, with no energy, barely able to keep our eyes open throughout the early evening news or soap operas on TV? We may have unfinished work playing on our minds, worries about a business situation, or an unresolved issue with a colleague or customer.

After a busy, stressful day it can be hard to leave the assorted demands, responsibilities and cares of work behind.

Do you ever switch off?

So much of our lives are ruled by time, with school, work, appointments, transport connections all needing to be turned up promptly for. Even when we’re looking forward to something like a run, a swim, a game of golf we may well be competing with others or trying to improve on our personal best.

It’s good sometimes to be highly motivated to improve, or feel invigorated to push ourselves to beat someone else, but it’s also important to notice if we ever switch off and at times ensure that we do.