Resilience: from setback to comeback

Phil Jones MBE, managing director at business technology solutions provider, Brother UK, looks at the current issues for businesses with returning restrictions due to Covid-19.

The news at the moment is all too familiar. The broadcasters could almost be forgiven for recycling bulletins from March, with coronavirus cases rising again and regional restrictions coming back into force. At a time when we thought we were on the up, and when we’ve grown used to a narrative centred around recovery,

What does resilience mean to you?

Certain words seem to be popular at different times. They’re used as buzz words, meant to encourage us to focus on specific aspects of our health, wellbeing and performance. Resilience is the latest of these words, but what do you understand by it, what does resilience mean to you? Many of us regard resilience as being about tenacity, durability, coping with ‘the heat’ and being ready and able to bounce back. Perspective is an important aspect of resilience, seeing hurdles as stepping-stones and not treating them as barriers or stumbling blocks.