Greater Manchester Business Awards

GM Business Awards photo from awards ceremony

The Greater Manchester Business Awards 2021

Making a welcome change from last year, which featured a still well-received virtual event, the 5th annual Greater Manchester Business Awards took place with a glitzy black tie gala finale at Hotel Brooklyn in Manchester on 3 September. Organisers Rich Media Group International missed out on presenting a live finale last year due to the pandemic, however, we were very firmly back with a fantastic face to face event this year and Rich Media certainly didn’t disappoint!

The evening got off to a brilliant start with complimentary drinks and the chance for businesses to network as well as treat their staff to special evening.

The Greater Manchester Business Awards 2019

The evening of Friday 8 February marked the spectacular third annual awards night of the Greater Manchester Business Awards.

Following the success of the previous two years the event once again gave business owners the chance to bring their staff and clients along to a fun and glamorous night out in recognition of the hard work and support they had put into the business. For both clients and staff it’s the opportunity to say thank you from the business owners,