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Think net zero won’t impact you anytime soon? Think again!

Kevin Lambert, Resource Efficiency Lead at GC Business Growth Hub explains why net zero greenhouse gas emissions should be on the radar for SMEs as well as large organisations, and how GC Business Growth Hub’s Journey to Net Zero programme can help.
“The UK has committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050. It would be easy to think this is something only large organisations need to worry about in the near term. With the date so far away and there being so many larger companies – with larger carbon footprints – to focus on,

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Progress21 showcases Greater Manchester’s global growth opportunities

Thousands of business leaders and job seekers attended PROGRESS21 at the end of September, Greater Manchester’s largest conference in more than 18 months. Taking place at Manchester Central, it consisted of three key strands: Greater Manchester’s global ambitions; business opportunities, and careers, and boasted several forums, workshops and talks to help individuals and organisations realise growth opportunities. Organised by The Growth Company, in collaboration with partner organisations across the region, PROGRESS21 represented a major opportunity for the region to come together and revitalise its ambitions.

PROGRESS21 – Bringing together GM businesses

GM Business Connect spoke with Janine Smith, Director of GC Business Growth Hub, which is part of the Growth Company. The Hub provides specialist funded support to drive growth in small and medium enterprises across Greater Manchester. Janine is leading PROGRESS21 Business, one of the first large scale in-person business events since early 2020, taking place at Manchester Central on 23 September. We asked Janine to explain more about the landmark event:

What is PROGRESS21?
“The Growth Company has developed PROGRESS21 in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Greater Manchester.

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New ‘trusted marketplace’ launches

Entrepreneurial business leaders looking for new technologies to help their SMEs to grow and thrive now have a powerful new tool at their fingertips, with the launch of the fully-funded Technology Adoption Service. The Technology Adoption Service (TAS) has been launched by GC Business Growth Hub as a result of Greater Manchester and London authorities joining forces to find new ways of helping SME business owners. The TAS platform has been developed with support from Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Greater London Authority,