Good to be back!

We ran a feature on the impact of COVID-19 on Manchester’s hospitality sector in our February/March edition, featuring an interview with owners Mark and Elaine Wrigley, who were very pleased to once again to be hosting the region’s business community coming together at their venue. As well as offering over 540 Gin brands, the bar featured a fantastic area outside offering safe networking for 30 guests – a number still limited by government guidelines. GM Business Connect’s Jon Cheetham and Paul Mirage were in attendance,

Upsides from the Covid-19 pandemic

Although the upsides to lockdown have been few and far between, one is that people have become experts with online communication platforms like Zoom. This has had a massive, positive impact on the growth of our BITA Global Forum. Whereas once we would have faced an uphill struggle to make people realise that the initiative was viable without face-to-face meetings, we are now expanding our forum to include even more people and nations.

The Forum was first set up as a platform to discuss the issues and potential solutions that are at the forefront of national conversations – plastic pollution and mental health.

Passion, Integrity and Delivery

GM Business Connect talked with Paul Whitnell, Founder of the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA), which is a non-profit networking organisation operating across the UK and Ireland, about the impact of the pandemic on their organisation and their membership. Paul commented: “Like many of our members, we found that last year was almost like pressing a reset, or at least a pause, button. We have all examined ourselves over the last few months and many of us have found a resilience and adaptability that we didn’t know we had.

Culture, Community and Connections

GM Business Connect have recently caught up with Paul Whitnell, president of the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA). The membership organisation has been growing over the past few years, and recently has established a Manchester chapter chaired by Christiane Hutchinson. We asked Paul about BITA’s plans for the future and how they intend to fuel growth:

“We are ‘the people who know people that help people’, a motto that encapsulates our ethos, and one that makes our organisation truly unique.