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Tour of Britain – one day ahead!

Phil Jones MBE, the Managing Director of Brother UK, will ride the entire route of the 2018 Tour of Britain in September, one day ahead of the elite professional riders who will tackle the same demanding eight-stage course. Accompanying Phil will be cancer survivor James Golding, the world record holder for the greatest distance ridden in seven days (2842.2km), in pursuit of an ambitious fundraising target of £50,000 for the Dave Rayner Fund, a voluntary organisation that supports young British riders racing abroad.

You’re on LinkedIn, and you think ‘So what?’

Did you know most people have this view of LinkedIn?
Are you guilty of thinking LinkedIn is the place to go when you need a career move? Did you know LinkedIn is THE business-to-business social media platform? Now you see what you did there? As soon as the term ‘social media’ popped into the equation, a little part of your brain turned-off? That’s normal by the way. If you weren’t ‘born digital’ some of this stuff doesn’t come easy to you.

Exciting opportunities + food for thought

The beginning of July brought two great speakers to K-Club’s regular Salford networking event – Thomas Kirk, Director of family firm Francis Kirk Group plus Jo Whitfield, Retail Chief Executive of Co-op Food.

So, after the usual excellent breakfast courtesy of hosts AJ Bell Stadium, Thomas Kirk took to the mike. With his main focus on exporting, Tom spoke about his family business – Francis Kirk Group – 150 years old this year.

L-R Tom Kirk,

Legal challenge regarding ‘worker’ status

June saw two important decisions relating to the much litigated topic of employment status. Whilst both cases are very fact specific, they provide a timely summary of the issues that need to be assessed in determining whether your contractors are genuinely self employed or not.

Why is employment status important?
Under UK law we have 3 types of working relationships: employee, worker and self employed. There has been a great deal of litigation recently in this area.

The innov8 Live Garden Party

Businesses from across Greater Manchester came together for a very special evening at the end of June for a night of gin cocktails and business networking at Hotel Football’s Heaven. This included a Massive Prize draw worth thousands of pounds that was won by one lucky business in a game card draw.

This was the first ever innov8-Live event, a new series of events to help businesses connect with new suppliers, partners and clients. The event was attended by a number of partners who were encouraged to bring banners and promotional material,

The importance of cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of Businesses. It enables them to invest and expand. Without it they cannot be sustainable. To make the most of opportunities, a business needs confidence in their cash flow. This means getting to grips with credit management.

How well do you know your customer?
You must know who you are dealing with. You need to know the person you are trading with is credit-worthy. Should things go wrong, the more you know about them,

Do you ever switch off?

So much of our lives are ruled by time, with school, work, appointments, transport connections all needing to be turned up promptly for. Even when we’re looking forward to something like a run, a swim, a game of golf we may well be competing with others or trying to improve on our personal best.

It’s good sometimes to be highly motivated to improve, or feel invigorated to push ourselves to beat someone else, but it’s also important to notice if we ever switch off and at times ensure that we do.