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A look at Goat’s Milk + 100,000 donors campaign

K-Club breakfast events are held five times a year at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford, and are designed to allow guests the opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and
senior business leaders in a club environment. As well as networking at the events, the guests enjoy a full English breakfast followed by two inspiring speakers. The event at the end of June featured Ed Salt, Managing Director of Delamere Dairy, and Peter McCleave, Vice President/Global Operations Manager for RBS Business.

A fresh culture for law firms + transforming lives

The end of March saw K-Club featuring 2 great speakers again at their regular breakfast event at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford. Firstly renowned private equity lawyer Darryl Cooke took to the podium to deliver on philanthropy in business and the rewards we all receive. He began by giving an insight into the process of setting up law firm gunnercooke llp. Stating that their mission was not to be ‘good’ but ‘great’ in their work, he mused that ‘good’ was the enemy of great as it could lead to complacency.

Investment and business growth with Sir Howard Bernstein and Gail Hounslea

At the first K-Club Breakfast event of 2019 for Northwest business leaders, the audience were treated to the usual quality breakfast provided by the AJ Bell Stadium before hearing from speakers Sir Howard Bernstein; ex-Chief Exec of Manchester City Council and Gail Hounslea; Founder and MD of Ladderstore.com, discussing the topic of ‘Investment and Business Growth’.

Sir Howard talked on how his role of almost 20 years as Chief Exec of Manchester City Council was filled with not only opportunities,