July/August/September 2020

Safely Reopening GM campaign launched

GM Mayor Andy Burnham has joined business and transport leaders in launching a campaign to ensure that the region’s economy can reopen safely from coronavirus lockdown. The Safely Reopening GM initiative is a coordinated campaign across Greater Manchester. It’s designed to ensure that employers and employees are aware of the information they need to work and travel safely during the continuing pandemic.

Delivered by the Growth Company in partnership with TFGM and GMCA, Safely Reopening GM continues to reinforce the protection of public health as a key priority, with companies urged to allow home working if possible and travellers encouraged to avoid all but essential use of public transport and to walk or cycle instead where possible.

Where home working isn’t possible, Safely Reopening GM will provide support and advice enabling employers to support staff in commuting and working safely. Information supporting employers and employees in reopening the Greater Manchester economy safely is available via www.togethergm.org/reopening and will also be shared on social media using the #SafeGM hashtag.

Andy Burnham commented: “Protecting public health remains our number one priority and Safely Reopening GM is a vitally important campaign as lockdown is gradually eased by the Government and people adapt to the realities of working at a time of pandemic. I want people to put safety first for themselves and others, wearing face masks in public spaces and ensuring that they are aware of what they need to do to halt the spread of Covid-19.”

Mark Hughes, CEO of the Growth Company, said: “A coordinated and aligned approach to reopening the Greater Manchester economy safely is essential. Continuing the work started by the Growth Company’s #HereForBusiness campaign, we now want to provide businesses and individuals with the information and support they need to reopen and recover.”