February/March 2021

Pay Attention!

The biggest asset of any business are their people, and it’s crucial they are ready for a future of business evolution using smart tech. Throw in a pandemic for good measure and it’s never been more important to ensure those people have the skillsets to not just manage but thrive in the current uncertain environment. Kirsty Allan, Managing Director of KLA Creative, offers an insightful and intriguing new set of coaching options with her ‘WorkWell’ programmes. Here she discusses some of the underpinning aspects of those courses:

We are all immersed in a sea of radical change and to keep afloat, our businesses require a radical shift in attention – in the clear direction of upgrading consciousness. There is a big conversation that we all need to have, right now. People’s values, lifestyles, spirituality and ethics are rapidly evolving with new technology, new situations and new ideas. The world of business has been levelling-up at an exponential rate with AI and SMART technologies, equipment, analytics and communications.

These two concurrent streams of personal and professional evolution are largely missing one essential coherent, unifying element – the level of expanded consciousness required to fully harness, sustain and to grow with the flow. Upgrading the consciousness of you and your people in a practical, adaptive style is the only way to ensure sustainable growth in the rapidly changing culture of business. The combining effects of multi-faceted societal change and the unfolding advancement of Industry 4.0 means that everything we are each building in our businesses no longer rests on solid foundations of the familiar, the trusted and expected. The pandemic has been a further catalyst to this turbulent sea.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”   J.F. Kennedy

Standing on our new shorelines of uncertainty, if we look out to the horizon we can see a strange phenomenon occurring. All at once, those long-suppressed anxieties (that were hitherto anchored to the ocean floor by cultural attitudes of stoicism, by beliefs in career stability and through promises of job safety) have all been dislodged and are freely bobbing up to the surface, rising from the depths of unconsciousness into waking consciousness – en masse – and it is time to pay attention. Deep, focused attention on what this means and how to navigate them; because after great change comes a dawning of new insight.

Anxiety itself, is of course a huge human conundrum which affects our happiness, wellbeing and productivity – but here is where I want to offer you a surprising new observation. Anxiety can be resolved when we recognise that it is the echo of our hearts, our true values and needs. It is an opportunity to expand and to grow personally, collectively, globally, holistically.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”   Friedrich Nietzsche

The deep irony is that all this uncertainty which we worry about and fixate on, is actually the key to all our potential. This is because uncertainty marks a threshold, a place of unchartered territory with no map, unknown seas with no rules and therefore limitless exploration. We are collectively in a liminal state of becoming and with insight and awareness we can act to resolve the fears and worries of the past, rather than continue to ‘manage’ them (and avoid bringing them with us as cultural baggage). The fleeting nature of job sustainability, the increasingly personal and psychic interaction with Smart technology represent very real existential fears of human redundancy. So how do we resolve this? It’s surprisingly simple when you know the science. It’s all about a radical mindset shift regarding well… our minds.

Are you ready to rise with the tide?

There is a scientific paradigm and worldview shift occurring. Cutting edge scientific and transpersonal research is leading the vanguard for a post-materialist model of expanded consciousness. Understanding the truly expansive nature of human consciousness will lead us not just to support personal growth but collective growth. Our employees and customers will realise their creative and productive potential within themselves and as a team. That the culture of business itself is one that increasingly values the growing bigger picture – a picture that is designed and painted by the people. That working with AI and Smart technology is not a ‘thin edge of a redundancy wedge’ or an affront to privacy, that these systems instead will work for us and with us, if we put our attention on what we want to achieve, not what we fear.

Enhance the being and we enhance the doing!

How can you ensure your business will meet the needs, the demands and the challenges that this global paradigm shift is bringing? With a matching full systemic mindset shift. To build resilience and creativity that integrates personal and cultural development. You need to upgrade the consciousness of your workforce now, not as a future afterthought to fix a problem of submerged anxieties and sunken apathy.

Perhaps your business demands a variety of skills from your people. We are all human beings – even when we are humans doing. Expanding the understanding, appreciation and application of conscious potential could quickly serve you in the following ways:

  • Heightened sensory awareness in a workplace that calls for stringent health and safety rules
  • AI and human minds as complementary time and efficiency resources to one another
  • Team building through aligned values and coherent action
  • The ‘present’ world of Mindfulness meditation techniques that can be learned and adopted quickly to enhance wellbeing
  • Balance of both mind and body where multi-tasking is essential to timely productivity
  • Greater appreciation of and utility of gender roles, differences, identities and social inclusion
  • Accessing deeper levels of empathy where the strength of customer bonds and/or inter-staff relationships are key to sales and retention
  • Sheer confidence and big-picture thinking (Who couldn’t use more of that!?)

How do we sure up and ready each other to set sail again?


The uncertainty of right now is a sure sign of the certainty of a different tomorrow. This is a journey of resilience, of expansion, of growth for all of us. Pay attention to the changes that have occurred and are still occurring. Pay attention to the direction of the flow change. Pay attention to your people and their calls for leadership, support and opportunity – because this is a singular moment in our history, for conscious choice.

Kirsty Allan, WorkWell

The WorkWell programme of upbeat and entertaining virtual courses are bespoke for every business and business culture. They are designed to be delivered to any number of participants and are interactive.

For more information contact Kirsty Allan on 07764 558803 or email kla@kirstylucindaallan.com