June/July 2021

Innovative medical products


Through their global manufacturing partnerships developed over 25 years, Steroplast can offer new, unique and innovative products designed for 7 individual markets, delivered to your door within 24 hours.

Where does Steroplast source its medical products from?
“Steroplast has global reach giving us access to manufacturers around the world.”

Do most of your imports come out of China?
“There is a misconception that ‘everything’ comes out of China. We import from 14 countries, because each country offers something different, or has a unique advantage. It’s for this reason that we have such a wealth of knowledge on which country or region within a country offers a better choice or higher quality product.”

What type of medical products can you supply?
“If you look at what we supply to the Emergency Services you’ll get a sense of just how varied a range we have. From diagnostics to trauma our range is comprehensive.”

Which are your main target markets
“We provide medical products into broadly seven market sectors, but there are sub markets within each sector. Sport, Emergency, Hospital, First Aid, Veterinary, Medical, & Retail.”

What opportunities are there for Steroplast going forward?
“U.K. based medical companies have global appeal. In our experience British companies are still seen as providing some of the best quality and most reliable medical products anywhere in the world. Our quality compliance credentials back up all our claims.”

If a company wanted to source a specific medical product or device, could you help?
“We have joint venture partners around the world that we have vetted to ensure consistent quality and reliability. We have learned the hard way that you’ve got to be very careful when sourcing products used in a wide range of medical applications.”

How long have you been in the industry?
“25 years acquiring knowledge and expertise which is hugely beneficial to our customers who may want advice and guidance with a new challenging project.”

What would you say to someone who doesn’t know Steroplast, but wants help finding a solution for a specific medical product need?
“Working with Steroplast comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So starting a partnership with Steroplast is totally risk free! We take the time to establish what a business really needs based on mutual cooperation. We often get asked to build bespoke medical kits for specific industries. Take the example of lone workers in the wind turbine industry. Their engineers needed a medical kit made to their specification, in a pack that had to be a specific size. We’ve kitted out private ambulances with all the required medical disposables and equipment. And in the case of The British Red Cross, we work with them to source all their medical products on an exclusive basis.”

How have you managed stock and supply to your customers during the pandemic?
“We import from 14 countries world-wide with varying lead times and logistical implications, so we have always had to keep three to four months “buffer” stocks to ensure a seamless service for our clients and customers. Even when containers are delayed our customers supply lines are not impacted.”

How have you coped with export to the E.U. following Brexit?
“We have plenty of experience exporting to the E.U. and have managed the changes very well through careful planning. It’s true that it’s been a challenge, but that’s where experience is absolutely vital.  It’s fair to say that over twenty-five years we’ve become very familiar with the sometimes complex nature of export documentation, and the current changes imposed on us from the E.U. It’s only the same as learning a new set of rules we would encounter from an unfamiliar country.”

What size of businesses are you looking to work with?
“We love working with a wide variety of businesses, and that includes very small niche enterprises through to huge multi-nationals. We have the capacity to cope with both ends of the spectrum.”

On a different matter, what would you say to anyone that says Health and Safety is complicated?
“At first glance it appears that way, but with our help we can change that perception, and give guidance to businesses that want to ensure they are meeting their obligations and are on the right side of the law. We can do site visits to put people’s concerns to rest. We can make sure that companies are compliant both in terms of procedures they need to follow, while also ensuring their first aid and medical provisions are up-to-date.”

Why do you think so many people are so sceptical about Health and Safety?
“As with anything, when there is a lack of understanding as to the purpose of an organisation such as the Health and Safety Executive, the good that it does can be overlooked. Add to that, long standing rumours and factual inaccuracy which have been twisted out of all recognition over time leads to distrust and a degree of scepticism. As a company we are immersed in Health and Safety and therefore understand it. We can dispel the rumours and the hearsay and present it in a user-friendly way, that will get everyone on board with its benefits. The nett result being companies can feel at ease and protected with a sensible Health and Safety policy.”

With Health and Safety in mind what services can you offer to businesses across Manchester and the North West?
“We set out to raise awareness of the importance of Health and Safety and what businesses need to do to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations for workplace first aid under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974. We do this by showing businesses that small steps, and some careful planning are essentially all that is required. It really doesn’t need to be complicated! We can lead the way, and put Health and Safety in context. We also offer a free, no obligation, site survey.”

FREE Health & Safety at work guide

Taking a few simple precautions could protect you, your business and your reputation, saving you £1000s.
“Like many business owners their reputations and that of their businesses are built over decades, but so easily tarnished by something such as an accident that really need not have happened. We all hear about H&S breaches that make headline news and it is very damaging for the reputation of the company. But more often than not, simple procedures put in place could have avoided the event in the first place. H&S is there for everyone’s protection and when maintained properly can be everyone’s friend! It’s only misinformation that gives H&S a bad reputation. We always welcome any enquiries and opportunities to help businesses around Manchester and the North West. We are here to provide solutions to individual company needs. Please email janice@steroplast.co.uk for a FREE guide that will demystify and clarify the great H&S conundrum – ‘Health & Safety Made Simple’.

GM Business Connect met with Janice Watson, Head of Health & Safety for Steroplast, at Carrs Pasties in Bolton. Carrs Pasties had contacted Steroplast to enquire about workplace first aid kits. Following a site visit, British Standard Catering First Aid Kits, Vehicle First Aid Kits, Eyewash/woundwash stations and Burns Kits were recommend and subsequently ordered with their own logo. Not only that, they are now the proud owners of an AED which is accessible to the public (CPAD), in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Peter Worthington, H&S Manager of Carrs Pasties stated, “Initially we wanted some advice on our first aid equipment, and we started to look for a company who could not just supply equipment but audit what we were putting in place. Steroplast stood out as they were a family run business like ourselves, also they were located in Greater Manchester. I was really pleased with the level of service – we’ve been looked after extremely well. After speaking with Janice it was a very quick process to get an audit and the level of knowledge and expertise from Steroplast on workplace first aid compliance has been fantastic.

“After reviewing our facilities, one of the stand out purchases has been a defibrillator unit. I have been looking to install one of these for years, and Steroplast have helped choose and supply the right model for us. This won’t only provide crucial life-saving capabilities to our own staff, but as a family-run and community conscious business the defibrillator is available for anyone in our local community that would ever need it. Going forward Steroplast will be visiting us on an ongoing basis, reviewing our equipment and making sure everything is fully stocked. As Health and Safety co-ordinator it’s extremely reassuring that not only will supplies be replenished where required, but we have an ongoing relationship with a business that can keep us up to date with any changes or new products that will make our factory a safe environment to work.”

Interested in an AED, then contact Janice to hear about a fantastic offer they have on IPAD SP1 Fully Automatic (available whilst stocks last).

If you would like to know more, or would like a site visit then call Steroplast on 0161 902 3030 or email janice@steroplast.co.uk