October/November 2019

Motivate your staff with the Best Parties Ever!

The office Christmas party is the most important event you’ll organise all year.  Not only does it reward your team’s hard work, it’s a great way to keep spirits high and encourage a positive mind-set for the year ahead. In a recent employee survey conducted by workplace consultants Peldon Rose, 54% of respondents reported they experienced Christmas workplace stress, while 69% said that such parties help them bond and build relationships with colleagues.

Reduced productivity is all too common over the winter months, as shorter days and miserable weather cause a slump in office morale. By treating your team to an extraordinary night of entertainment as gratitude for all their hard work, they’ll return to the office motivated to perform in the knowledge their efforts are recognised. So for those tasked with organising their annual office bash, the pressure is on not to mess it up! But as businesses rush to complete their workload ahead of the holidays, Christmas can be a stressful time for employees and employers alike. Throw in the last-minute headaches that inevitably come with finalising your party plans, whether it’s negotiating with suppliers, wrangling entertainment or fixing the catering – even the most organised are stretched to breaking point, at what is the busiest time of year. So take the stress out of arranging your big night, and leave it to the professionals.

Established for over 20 years, Best Parties Ever has been taking 200,000 guests on unexpected journeys every Christmas, with its unique array of themed festivities that turn traditional corporate events on their head. The UK’s largest Christmas parties company, its shared events are perfect for smaller groups seeking a festive extravaganza on a budget, while its exclusive parties for larger businesses offer a bespoke, all-inclusive occasion with a twist. Its team of event experts bring the fun to over 20 locations, including Manchester where 2019 sees the stunning Midnight in Monte Carlo theme come to Event City. All the exquisite menus are designed by award-winning catering partner Tapenade Cuisine, every dish prepared freshly on-site from locally sourced, seasonal and Fairtrade produce. With sustainability now being the issue on everyone’s mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure you organise your party responsibly.

Although Best Parties Ever is committed to throwing a great party, it’s just as committed to reducing the environmental impact of its events. Over the last few years, the team have worked to dramatically overhaul the way they organise their parties – minimising their carbon footprint and cutting single-use plastics. The team have said no to plastic straws and pulled the plug on crackers, forcing them to think outside the box to replace them with fun, environmentally friendly additions, such as ice cream theatre, interactive desserts and festive cocktails. As a result, Best Parties Ever is working towards BS8901: the new sector specific British standard
for achieving sustainability in the events industry.

As every event planner will tell you, seeing the smiles on people’s faces enjoying your party can be incredibly rewarding. But when everything is riding on the success of your office festivities – its success determining whether you return in the New Year a hero, or zero – the pressure to make it one to remember can be overwhelming. So why not enlist the tried and trusted talents of Best Parties Ever, and sleep soundly in the knowledge you’ll be the talk of the office until next Christmas!

For more information and to request a brochure visit www.BestPartiesEver.com