October/November 2019

Jobs4Teens saves hundreds of pounds to businesses recruiting young people

Specialist Recruitment Company Jobs4teens Limited has launched a new recruitment business concept which focuses on helping businesses connect with pre-screened, employment ready, young people who are looking for an opportunity to work. With 1,000 vetted young people on their database, Jobs4Teens provide Greater Manchester businesses a stress-free service helping them employ teenagers and young people. The new service also helps reduce annual recruitment costs. A study by Oxford Economics has shown that the cost of recruitment can grow into the thousands annually. Jobs4teens offers Membership Packages to suit all sizes of business starting at just £30 for any business that might want to give an opportunity to a bright, enthusiastic young person. A membership gives access to pre-screened candidates on an ongoing basis, saving both time and money.

“Employing teenagers and young people has its merits and advantages.” Said Business Development Manager, Nicola Sherriff. “The enthusiasm and keenness of youth is often of huge benefit to a company or organisation. The relatively high cost of recruitment and the greater than average turnover of employees does mean that some businesses struggle to keep up with the process of finding, vetting and interviewing candidates on an ongoing basis. Our existing clients have already discovered that using our is a lot simpler and less expensive than they had experienced previously.”

The prospect of taking on a young person or teenager can be daunting. Jobs4teens has the knowledge and resources to assist young people to become job-ready for any business that is considering hiring. Business owners with the most to gain from the new recruitment business model are those who regularly employ between two and ten teenagers or young people at any given point in time. Nicola added: “With a Select Membership subscription, you get pre-screened, employment ready candidates ready to present for interview quickly. Without the need to advertise the vacancy or employ a costly recruitment consultancy, HR Managers find the process effective, productive and stress free. “So, if you are a business owner looking for young candidates to fill roles as full-time employees, trainees, apprentices, interns or part-time employees, then contact Jobs4teens today. We have thousands of registered candidates from all over the United Kingdom looking for an opportunity. Our database is divided into three age categories: 13-15 year olds, 16-17 year olds, and 18+ Which means we can supply the candidates you are looking for, whatever the roles on offer.”

Comments from our clients: “Jobs4Teens provide a great service aimed at helping to get teenagers into work. In an increasingly challenging jobs market, this a great way of helping find the right kind of work for young people. The company helped us find several members of staff who have since gone on to complete a high standard of work. The service is run by people who really care about getting teenagers into work. This is a great company who are excellent at what they do.” Daniel Hazel, Serve Legal Ltd.

To find out more visit www.jobs4teens.co.uk or call 0161 706 0431/07387 758056