October/November 2021

FilesDNA: the future of document verification

Photo of Mo Sahib, CEO, FilesDNA

Business Connect had the pleasure recently of meeting with Mo Sahib, CEO of FilesDNA – a cutting edge document management system powered by blockchain technology:

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Thank you for chatting with us Mo. Can you explain what FilesDNA is and how it helps businesses?
“FilesDNA offers a user-friendly process to instantly verify your official documents and records. With FilesDNA, you can send and request signings for your documents using Electronic Signatures secured by extra levels of verification. In simple words, FilesDNA is a self-service web and mobile application that can be used by all professionals interested in security to perform typical daily tasks revolving around documents. When we have partners, employees, shareholders, or suppliers we eSign, store, send and receive documents all the time. FilesDNA facilitates the whole process, making it dead simple for users to perform these kinds of tasks that would be time-consuming and inefficient otherwise. Let alone that we may spend all this time exchanging documents, only to realise years after that they were not legally bound.

FilesDNA InfoGraphic“Let me emphasise a bit on the document aspect. Sometimes, dealing with documents is harder than it sounds; document fraud is a common global occurrence. Some examples of documents vulnerable to fraud are diplomas and degree certificates, insurance and employment contracts, government-issued identification, mortgage documents, and any other legal document. If you are a business, you want to ensure your employees have all the necessary credentials. Without accurate verification, documents can be easily modified using common programs like Adobe’s creative suite. Hiring an employee without proper credentials puts your organisation at risk, potentially costing significant legal fees and fines or risking the integrity of your business. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, FilesDNA has developed a system to stop document counterfeiting and fraud. We have been using integrity checks via blockchain from day one. The blockchain technology ensures the validity of signatures and documents, ensuring the integrity of your documents.”

Tell us why you created FilesDNA and how it has developed over the years?
“All my life I’ve been dealing with my two big passions: building useful software and dealing with security. Within 5 years, I managed 3 times to build software that was later sold to some of the tech giants, namely Microsoft, Macromedia, and Nokia mobile. :-).

“As for security, I’ve worked as a Security Consultant for the US Army (J6). I’ve also created my own security company, named Borderless Security, which works closely with multiple corporations and enterprises. Our last application also has security at its core. The FilesDNA.com app is an advanced e-Signature Solution that incorporates three of the biggest security needs of our time: electronic signature, blockchain security, and artificial intelligence. We are the only eSignature solution that brings all three digital security aspects together in one app.”

What sort of pricing do you offer for businesses? Is there a free version for personal use?
“Here is the beauty of it: we have a free version not only for personal use but also for professional use. You can stay on the free plan forever. And believe me, you will have in your hands all the features that you need. If you decide to upgrade, you can start with as little as $4 per month. The average customer pays around $9 per month for the full feature-set per user but we intentionally wanted to have the lowest price in the market.”

FilesDNA Phones InfographicDo you offer a white label option for businesses to use?
“Yes. And there are many businesses already using our white label solution. Besides that, we have the capacity of developing custom bespoke code to cover specialised needs or integrate various backend systems. In simpler terms, as a service provider around security we have the ability to develop anything the customer wants to deliver a nice User Experience to their employees or partners. Companies are very happy working with us, not only because we offer it as a white label solution but also because we can tailor it to their own environment for extra benefits and efficiency. Also, they are in favour of our technological infrastructure given that we run in Kubernetes, Docker, and Ethereum’s blockchain. We are the dream of every security professional trying to find a SaaS solution!

“Especially for businesses like insurance companies, banks and other companies interacting with customers, we have developed our very own Smart Signature, which you can use to sign documents via a wireless pen. This can be used in offices and physical locations i.e. bank’s branches. The Smart Signature Pad comes equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. In practice, it remembers and learns the details of your own signature, so if someone attempts to forge your signature, the signature pad can detect this, and the signature will be invalid.”

If a business wanted to know more, is there an explainer video available?
“There certainly is. We keep creating videos that explain our features, the technology involved, and our roadmap. Our videos are short and easy to understand. You can find them here: FilesDNA VIDEOS

Do you have plans for increasing the number of features in the future?
“We keep adding new features every day. Our web app is updated every 2 weeks with new features and our app every three weeks. We work on multiple ways of authentication, integration with physical signature pads, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Our work also involves blockchain technology and machine learning for recognising patterns and analysing user behaviour when adding their signatures. We just added a few very innovative features that you wouldn’t expect to find on our app:

  • QR and barcode to dynamically add QR and Barcode to your PDF file, scan and view your document online.
  • We added the ability to use your mobile device as a professional virtual scanner. You can now scan any document, apply multiple effects and save as a PDF file.
  • Optical character recognition, also known as OCR. It is a technology that allows our systems to detect text, be it typed or handwritten. This can give you a huge advantage when searching a text for key terms or information. With your mobile camera, our OCR feature has the ability to identify text in your photos, receipts and all sorts of documents and digitise it. Then, you have the option to translate that text into many languages.
  • NFC Cards for extra security. If someone is working in a very protected environment where all biometrics are supported by NFC security cards, you can use your NFC tag to edit or sign your documents.”

Are there any specific business sectors that would benefit from FilesDNA?
“Although it could be useful to all B2B (corporations) and B2SB (small businesses) there are a set of professionals that would benefit the most. These are:

  • Real-estate professionals (agents, brokers, agencies) for automating their daily tasks when renting or selling a house.
  • Financial advisors of any kind such as accountants, tax advisors, financial consultants, business consultants, buyers, due diligence consultants, and M&A consultants.
  • Legal advisors of any kind such as costs lawyers, solicitors, barristers, licensed conveyancers, trademark and patent attorneys, notaries, chartered legal executives, and more.
  • All kinds of executives in organisations working in HR, financial departments, procurement, or operations to automate all documents needed to become legally bound with them and their stakeholders.”

Why is Security so important since it is the focus of FilesDNA?
“Security and Privacy is everywhere. We all feel more and more threatened by all the things that can expose our documents, files, secrets or identity. We try to put an end in all these threads. This applies especially to our business lives. It’s clear that effective and reliable workplace and document security are very important to any business because it reduces insurance, compensation, liabilities, and other expenses that the company must pay to its stakeholders. Having a secured system to handle your daily document routines leads to increased business revenue and a reduction in operational charges incurred.”

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