June/July 2019

Driving with a Dragon

Back in 2018 a young fresh-faced Ed Hollands appeared on Dragons’ Den with a business selling advertising space on lorries. Essentially creating a UK-wide moveable series of billboards. His business DrivenMedia has since gone from strength to strength, in good measure thanks to an investment of both time and money from Jenny Campbell. We first interviewed Ed in our June/July edition, following up now with a brief chat on how things have progressed: “Working with Jenny has been a fantastic experience. Our first meeting was arranged shortly after filming and it was extremely motivating and insightful. Jenny took the time to understand where DrivenMedia was and what we needed help on. She admitted that she can’t now drive anywhere without looking at the trucks that pass by. I receive a lot of support from Jenny and her team. This is invaluable help, as most of the time it’s a great sounding board and we bounce ideas between us. Jenny’s team is also brilliant at fixing issues and if I need to speak with anyone they always know the best person to talk with. One of the biggest advantages I’ve had since Jenny came on board is her experience in scaling a company, and the connections she has built up over the years. Jenny’s speciality is in scaling up a business, and helping me to identify the critical processes.

“While I might be bogged down in the fine detail, Jenny is great at thinking outside of the box, and seeing the bigger picture. Keep your eyes on the back of trucks is all I’m going to say! We meet at least once a quarter, and we usually message or speak every couple of weeks, depending on whether there is a pressing issue that needs discussing. The best advice Jenny has given me, that I didn’t even realise I needed, was about finance. She told me to ‘utilise everything you can get your hands on. Use credit to accelerate growth and don’t be afraid to borrow for the right reasons.’ This has really changed the way that I think about things and how we plan to expand even more. DrivenMedia is now looking to expand our team, and get even more trucks on the road, carrying lots more advertising around the country.”

 To find out more contact DrivenMedia on 01332 416449 or email info@drivenmedia.co.uk