June/July 2019

Don’t miss out on claiming your R&D Tax Refund

The R&D Tax Relief initiated by HMRC in 2000 has huge opportunities for tens of thousands of Limited businesses to increase their business and in doing so the UK economy.

R&D Specialists was founded in 2015 by Geoff Liberman and Mark Joyner and are based in Manchester where they are proud to help create awareness and take knowledge and advice to the market regarding this enormous potential. RDS support a variety of business sectors and work heavily with Customers who are based in Altrincham and the North West.

Most Limited Company owners do not have the time or resources to look through the documentation to fully understand what does and doesn’t count according to HMRC criteria. This confusion sometimes means company owners don’t bother or only claim for a small percentage of what they are entitled too. Geoff Liberman comments: “Our mission is to help all Limited Companies of all sizes to develop and grow through our knowledge and advice. Currently we work with companies with annual turnovers from £250k to over £65m in every sector imaginable. There is huge potential for companies large and small to be awarded what they are due from this great incentive. From developing new products, processes or services your company could be eligible.”

Director Mark Joyner is focused in helping companies unlock potential financial benefits that are available to them, especially if that means the company can continue to grow and re-invest in further development and growth. With the expertise and dedication Mark has, and the drive behind maximising every businesses claim, the service that RDS offer is personal and tailored to the individual company no matter the size of the claim. Mark comments: “I was amazed that such a small percentage of eligible UK businesses actually claimed R&D tax credits form HMRC, when it is something they are entitled to. We are focused in making more businesses aware of how to claim and to helping them to maximise their claims.”

Emma Murphy, Business Development Manager of RDS, commented: “I have seen RDS grow its client base through developing strong personal relationships; creating connections based on common goals and shared understanding. We have expanded our business through recommendations from our current clients who have seen a true benefit from the work we do, and also referrals from our accounting and networking partners. Our passion for being real people on the ground, getting to know our clients and meeting them face to face, means we can experience their R&D work first-hand, gain a genuine understanding of their business and forge powerful long-term partnerships.”

  • There were over 40,000 claims last year, but this is only a small percentage that will be eligible.
  • RDS work Nationwide and have helped Limited Companies identify R&D tax refunds and credits in every business sector.
  • We work with all sizes of businesses, but they must be a Limited Company and been trading for at least one year, it does not matter if the company is profitable or not.
  • A short 10 minute conversation will give RDS time to evaluate if a face to face meeting is needed to explore the potential further.
  • We only need in total around 4 hours of a business owner or Directors time, it will take 8 to 12 weeks for us to complete the work to a successful claim.
  • RDS only charge a small percentage that the business gets back as a refund or credit against their Corporation Tax, after a successful claim.
Emma Murphy, RDS Altrincham

A 10 minute meeting could help your business fly higher by seeing if you have a potential HMRC R&D claim. To find out more contact Emma Murphy at RDS Altrincham on 0345 4500 505 or email info@rdsltd.uk