Telesales isn’t working anymore – get selling on LinkedIn

‘Digital’ has changed the way we communicate. The past 15 years have seen a complete turnaround in how we distribute our message to our target audience.

Telesales used to be a stalwart option of a channel to sell but picking up the ‘phone is now perceived negatively by many of us. (When was the last time you received a welcome cold call? PPI, boilers, accidents come quickly to mind…). A common misconception is that turning to LinkedIn might be the answer to replace your cold calls: “Let’s connect with as many people as possible – that way we will have access to their contact details and we can hit them on the ‘phone”

Sounding all too familiar?

You’re on LinkedIn, and you think ‘So what?’

Did you know most people have this view of LinkedIn?
Are you guilty of thinking LinkedIn is the place to go when you need a career move? Did you know LinkedIn is THE business-to-business social media platform? Now you see what you did there? As soon as the term ‘social media’ popped into the equation, a little part of your brain turned-off? That’s normal by the way. If you weren’t ‘born digital’ some of this stuff doesn’t come easy to you.