A fresh approach to online learning

GM Business Connect recently met with Terry Simmons, Managing Director of Trafford Park-based eLearning Plus+, to share with us how the business evolved and how the introduction of their new initiative, the ‘Pay it Forward Learning Project’, will help individuals to thrive in these challenging times:

Terry – many thanks for talking with us. Please can you describe how eLearning Plus+ developed as a business?
“eLearning Plus+ was actually born out of iDigital Marketing which was started in 2011 to focus on creating interactive digital content that organisations could use to build strong relationships with their target clients.

Surveying success

In the past months after the initial lockdown there have been many stories of businesses struggling and having to drastically alter the way they function simply to survive. For one Altrincham-based business the opposite has been the case. GM Business Connect caught up with managing director Paul Naylor from Trafford Surveyors to find out more about the ongoing success story of their business.

Can you briefly describe how Trafford Surveyors came about and have developed over the years?

Culture, Community and Connections

GM Business Connect have recently caught up with Paul Whitnell, president of the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA). The membership organisation has been growing over the past few years, and recently has established a Manchester chapter chaired by Christiane Hutchinson. We asked Paul about BITA’s plans for the future and how they intend to fuel growth:

“We are ‘the people who know people that help people’, a motto that encapsulates our ethos, and one that makes our organisation truly unique.

Eco-I NW: Innovating for a green recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis, affecting individuals, governments and businesses across the world. The greatest challenge of our time also presents the greatest opportunity in generations. A chance to challenge the status quo and ‘business as usual’ mantra that has dominated our economy since the industrial revolution.

Innovation is more important than ever if we are to bring business growth, resilience and create a truly green economy. We have heard calls for economic recovery plans to embed environmental shifts and carbon reductions.

NQB guarantee to recruit your A-Team

NQB Recruitment are a niche recruitment consultancy based in Manchester working predominantly in the technology sector. They offer a multi-cultural perspective bringing candidates across the UK and beyond through a holistic recruitment process to their clients. We spoke recently with both Aamer Ayoob, Chief Operating Officer, and Musa Ayoob, Chief Executive Officer, both co-founders of the family business, on how the consultancy offers a unique approach to recruitment:

Musa: “Getting the right person who fits in with your existing team is critical.

The importance of Cyber Insurance for small businesses

One of the most worrying aspects of modern-day IT is the concern about cyber security. There are many practices that businesses of all sizes can employ to safeguard their data and minimise the risk of security breaches, however, there is always the worry of a potential issue that can occur regardless of measures put in place. GM Business Connect caught up with Matt Dodd – branch manager of A-Plan Insurance in Altrincham – to find out more about the issues of cyber-crime and the options of safeguarding against business disruption caused by cyber-crime breaches:

Matt Dodd,

A look inside the National Cyber Security Centre

Cyber security has steadily gained importance over the past few years for many businesses and organisations, large or small, and is continuing to be part of the critical dialogue in setting up any business today. Especially when we look at GDPR compliance, businesses need to address the problem of cyber threats far more rigorously than ever before. The National Cyber Security Centre was established in 2016 by the government at the time and replaced a variety of different organisations and parts of organisations looking at the issues of cyber security.

Sale FC Rugby Club take on two new hires as hospitality demand rockets

Sale FC Rugby Club has expanded its dedicated hospitality team, as demand for their three new event spaces soars. The club, which is based on Heywood Road in Sale, has three rooms available to hire. An uptake from businesses looking for meeting, conference or awayday facilities has grown so much over the last 12 months they have brought in two new full-time staff to keep up with demand. Nicola Hulme has been named Operations Coordinator, while Aidan Giblett takes on the role of Marketing and PR Assistant.

A business built on recommendations and referrals

In 2017 GM Business Connect met Tricia Bullman. Managing Director and Founder of Halecroft Recruitment, she gave us an in-depth interview on herself, her team and what it takes to be one of Greater Manchester’s fastest-growing recruitment businesses. Right from inception, Tricia’s vision for the company was clear – a business built on recommendations and referrals providing executive search and selection recruitment for senior level appointments – and we were keen to see how Halecroft Recruitment had grown and developed since our initial meeting.

Jobs4Teens saves hundreds of pounds to businesses recruiting young people

Specialist Recruitment Company Jobs4teens Limited has launched a new recruitment business concept which focuses on helping businesses connect with pre-screened, employment ready, young people who are looking for an opportunity to work. With 1,000 vetted young people on their database, Jobs4Teens provide Greater Manchester businesses a stress-free service helping them employ teenagers and young people. The new service also helps reduce annual recruitment costs. A study by Oxford Economics has shown that the cost of recruitment can grow into the thousands annually.