Photo of Graham Dixon, Esprit

Spotlight on Trafford Docks

Esprit Warehousing and Docks have two sites in Trafford Park. Business Connect Magazine have featured the business on a number of occasions, which has always championed the Manchester Ship Canal as Manchester’s ‘lost infrastructure treasure’. Managing Director Graham Dixon spoke with us about the importance of the Canal and the role of their berth at Trafford Docks:

We’re looking at ongoing massive investment by Peel Ports into many areas of the Manchester Ship Canal. How important do you think the Canal is to the North’s economy?

Photo of Melanie Bingham and Steve Swinburn

Update on Harbour International Freight

Business Connect checked in with Steve Swinburn, General Manager of Harbour International Freight, to see how the business was doing:

Is the new Dublin depot now in operation?
“Covid restrictions had delayed building works. We’re now nearing completion, with a plan to become operational in November 2021.”

You were also planning something for Manchester – did this come about?
“We have acquired an additional second 44,000 sq ft facility in Trafford Park also due for occupation in December 2021.

Aerial photo of busy seaport with container trains

DKT Allseas launches first inland service

DKT Allseas (part of the Allseas Logistics Group) has announced a new multi-modal extension to complement its China Xpress liner service. The new train service has started running five days a week between Liverpool and Freightliner’s Birmingham Terminal. It forms part of the China Xpress service, moving from sea to land to provide a sustainable solution for cargo owners to get their goods to their end destination.

The new inland service will carry 26 x 60ft wagons enabling DKT Allseas to move up to 76 x 20ft or 26 x 40ft and 26 x 20ft containers of freight per day.

Northern Ireland Border Protocol

When is a deal not a deal? When it is Schrödinger’s Protocol!

I step forward in trepidation to write this article knowing full well that approaching the subject of Brexit is like walking on a hornets’ nest. The likelihood is that I could upset people from both sides of the political debate, but bear with me and I will try to carefully tread a middle path. I do not want to repeat the arguments of the rights and wrongs of Brexit, so for the purposes of this article let’s start from the point that the UK has left the EU and we have to make the best of it;

Where in the world? Back to basics

The first time you start to sell away from your local neighbourhood it could be said that you have started your export journey. There is nothing scary or mysterious about exporting, it is simply about selling your products or services ‘somewhere else’. With exporting, that somewhere else has come to be understood as being to another country, but the principles behind it are exactly the same.

Exporting is just selling!
The first time you receive an enquiry from a potential customer in London,

Preparation has been the key in adapting to Brexit

Marie Boyer, managing director of the European freight forwarder France Line International Transport Ltd, known as France Line, discusses the post-Brexit realities for her independent business which specialises in cross channel road freight services between the UK and France. “With a few fortunate examples, the first few months of 2021 have been exceptionally tough on UK manufacturers and freight forwarders. What we have found crucial to our success is the way we have adapted and re-evaluated our organisations and found new ways to keep trading on profitably despite so many factors working against us.

China Xpress to be regular liner operation

DKT Allseas’ pioneering China Xpress shipping services from Shanghai and Ningbo to Liverpool are now to be extended into a regular liner operation following the success of the first group of sailings. This is the first service of its kind from the Far East into the north of England port, and following the success of its initial sailings, DKT Allseas (part of Allseas Global Logistics) says it will operate further services in response to “overwhelming demand”. The logistics specialists have already commenced additional sailings throughout May/June and the plan is to continue operating a regular call in the future.

Preparing to trade with the EU and Ireland

Michael Nolan, CEO of the Irish customs clearance solution, Declaron.ie, spoke to us about some of the issues British companies have been encountering trading with the EU, and Ireland in particular, since 1 January and his advice on avoiding them. “It has been a tough 1st Quarter for everyone, with official numbers showing imports from the UK into Ireland down 65% in January of this year. The Free Trade Agreement that was agreed on Christmas Eve 2020 didn’t give businesses enough time to prepare,

New service initiative links China to Liverpool

DKT Allseas (part of Allseas Global Logistics), has announced it will operate a number of supply chain critical container vessel sailings from Shanghai and Ningbo to Liverpool. The first service due to depart Shanghai on 8 April, with two additional sailings towards the end of April. The new initiative by DKT Allseas, is intended to provide relief to customers who are facing increased ocean freight rates, as well as, reduced reliability due to the knock-on impacts of the global pandemic.

It’s a New World, it’s a New Day…

The new year has arrived and with it ushered in a new era for the UK. The protracted flurry of activity towards the end of last year that led to the free trade agreement with the EU, came more with a whimper than with a bang.

So, it is a new world, it is a new day, but are we feeling good?

My sense is that we have been suffering a national hangover that will take time to clear.