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Remarketing: what’s all the fuss about?

A customer comes into your shop, looks around and then leaves. An all-too-familiar scenario that often means that another customer has passed you by and now they are gone. Fifteen years ago, this was a missed opportunity, a time to rethink strategy, a “We’ll get the next one” moment? Windows of opportunity were limited to your shop window, print ads and word of mouth.

Wouldn’t it have been great to see where that customer went after leaving your shop?

Digital us vs Real us

Whilst waiting for coffee and cake in our favourite coffee shops, we’ve all taken a glance around, the influence of the digital world on this real-world setting is all too apparent; Instagram handles etched onto chalkboards, JustEat stickers adorning the windows, entire tables of people from which the only noises are taps and buzzes.

Increasingly, the offline and online worlds are becoming more inseparable.
This presents huge challenges for business. We are still offline entities that trust people more than we trust machines;