July/August/September 2020

Apadmi expand office for post-lockdown future

Mobile technology agency Apadmi has signed the lease for another floor at Anchorage, Salford Quays, to ensure that all team members can work safely when they return to the office, whilst maintaining space for planned growth. The team is now over 150 strong, with 30 more joining since the start of the year. Developing their workplace to allow for continued collaboration alongside staff well-being became a priority as soon as the impact of COVID-19 was clear.

Garry Partington, Apadmi’s CEO, explained: “This year’s brought a change that no one saw coming. Although we’ve always championed flexible and remote working opportunities, we’ve never had to do it for the entire company at once. We were all working from home for a couple of weeks before lockdown. Now is the time to plan for the future. Whilst we’re still actively encouraging the team to stay at home for now, we want to make sure we’re ready for the next phase. Our team like to work together, so it’s important we find a way to do it safely.”

Apadmi have doubled in size in the last eighteen months, recently hiring Jasper van de Luijtgaarden as Head of Mergers and Acquisitions and Andrew Smith as New Business Development Director.