October/November 2018

Debt Recovery

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Brexit and the effect on credit management

With Brexit only 6 months away businesses need to be prepared for how international trading, whether they import or export (or both) and whether they trade in goods or services, will be affected after 29 March 2019. With the pound currently almost on par with the Euro, it is already more expensive for UK businesses to trade with European partners, although the plus side is that at the moment Europeans are getting more for their money when buying from UK businesses so the UK has at least seen the potential to increase European sales.

The importance of cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of Businesses. It enables them to invest and expand. Without it they cannot be sustainable. To make the most of opportunities, a business needs confidence in their cash flow. This means getting to grips with credit management.

How well do you know your customer?
You must know who you are dealing with. You need to know the person you are trading with is credit-worthy. Should things go wrong, the more you know about them,